Corporate Restructuring

Our professional team can provide the services including:
  • Reviewing client company’s circumstances, Assessing whether companies are properly registered.
  • liaising with legal, tax professional in local or oversea region and recommending the optimal solution for your particular situation
  • Identify the opportunities of business transfer,  mergers and acquisitions or by some other means;
  • Conducting due diligence on statutory books and records of target companies or current group companies
  • Advising on matters to be attended to upon completion of an acquisition from a corporate secretarial perspective
  • Capital restructuring, including to arrange repurchase of shares or other forms of capital reorganization, such as the creation of a new class of shares
  • Advising on stamp duty implications on share transfer and applying for stamp duty exemption, if applicable;
  • Advising on the appropriate ways to de-register or liquidate a company and handling all documentations;
  • Registration of business entities as dormant companies.
  • Arranging closure of business for Hong Kong and non-Hong Kong companies;
  • Executing corporate reorganisation prior to listing