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Hong Kong as a comprehensive business platform that is increasingly recognized as Asia’s central business district and a gateway to enter into Mainland China. In conjunction with a spectrum of government activities in promoting tax advantages facilitated by Closer Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) and loan facilities through SME Loan Guarantee Scheme (SGS), entrepreneurs are encouraged to venture their own businesses. IF offers a broad range of corporate services and professional advice in the areas of company formation in Hong Kong, oversea countries and various offshore jurisdictions, with an aim to advise clients on the right business models.

Hong Kong Company

Various types of Hong Kong companies such as:
  • Private company limited by shares and / or Branch office
  • Company limited by guarantee without a share capital
  • Non-Hong Kong Company
  • Registering a registered unlimited company to a company limited by shares

Other Countries
Includes: PRC, Singapore, Taiwan, and other countries.